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At Marshall Hometown Roofing, our services provide the installation of many different types of commercial roofing products to guarantee that we can help you find a solution for your roofing needs. We are your experienced roofing contractor that can recommend the correct roof system that fits your needs and the correct installation techniques for a secure and problem free roof for your building. Our references include those we have helped having their commercial roof replacement covered under their insurance.


The roof on the State Farm Office located in Marshall, TX was 15+ years old, cracking and had been patched numerous times. Due to the UV Damage to the membrane and oxidation of the PVC roofing, patches would not adhere to the roof. With trapped moisture in the roof system as well, we needed to remove the existing roof systems to the roof deck. (We worked with the insurance adjuster to get the initial allowance for a repair revised to allow for the total roof to be covered).

In Progress

We removed the aged single ply membrane, fiberboard and underlying tar and gravel roof. We removed the parapet wall cap, and installed plywood on the parapet walls. 

Repairing the decking, cleaning the roof deck, disposing of all debris.


We installed 1" ISO (rigid insulation) board, and Firestone TPO 60 mil membrane per manufaturer specifications with a 15 year material warranty, and a 5 year workmanship warranty. (not pictured, the rear wall had custom fabricated removable metal wall panels to make the concealed rear gutter servicable if needed).


In dealing with Marshall Hometown Roofing I could not have asked for a company to be as professional and courteous to my roof situation. The Owner of Marshall Hometown Roofing, was great dealing with the insurance company and stayed on top of the job from start to finish. They went over and beyond on my project and I would recommend them to any needing repair or to have an entire roof replaced.

Shannon Surholt, State Farm (Customer)

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